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Are you looking for beginner tips on how to make cake pops? You’ve come to the right place to learn the basics. From the best type of cake, frosting, candy melts and tools to use — to tips on how to make the process frustration-free and smooth.

If you want to start with the very basics of how to make cake pops, you’ve come to the right place! Follow this basic process and you’ll be making intricate designs in no time.

How to Make Cake Pops

As much as we love cake pops, we’ll admit they are super time consuming and can be frustrating at first. So be sure to set aside a good chunk of time. And rest assured, we’ve put together a list of supplies and tips to make the process as smooth as possible.


  • 1 box cake (we used white cake)
  • Sprinkles (or use funfetti cake)
  • 1 can frosting (any flavor, we used vanilla)
  • Any ingredients you need to bake the boxed cake according to the box instructions (eggs, oil, water)
  • Candy melts (we recommend Wilton’s)
  • Candy melt thinner (coconut oil for example) – if needed, optional
  • Edible decorations – sprinkles, drizzled or whole candy melts, other candy, edible marker


Tips & Tricks

Here are the tricks we’ve learned along the way. We’d love to hear about any tips you have in the comments.

Plan Two Sessions

Cake pops are time-consuming, so breaking up the process will make it seem less daunting. Bake the cake the day or night before you plan to shape and decorate the pops. Make sure to cover the cake so it doesn’t dry out.

We’ve made our best cake pops with a boxed cake mix.  Just follow the directions on the box. Our favorite is white cake with sprinkles, but you can use funfetti cake or any flavor.

Crumble Cake

If you decide to form and decorate the same day, make sure the cake is completely cooled. We slice off the top and sides of the cake. And remove the inner cake leaving the very bottom. Which will make it easier to crumble.

Crumble the cake into small pieces in a medium-sized bowl.  Make sure there are no large chunks. It will make it harder to keep the cake pops together.

Fold in Frosting

Mix 2/3 can of frosting (3/4 if you didn’t cut off the sides of cake) of any flavor you choose into the cake crumbles. Our favorite is the canned vanilla frosting.  The cake should stick together well.  If it doesn’t, you’ll need to add more frosting until it does.

Form Cake Pops

For basic round cake pops, use a tablespoon or cookie scoop to measure the cake and roll into balls.  However, we’ve also made shapes with a silicon mold or handheld tong mold. They tend to turn out really well.

After forming, place cake pops onto wax or parchment paper. We like to use 2 separate plates with wax paper. That way half of the cake pops can stay in the freezer while you’re dipping the others.

Freeze Before Dipping

Place cake pops in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Don’t freeze too long or they will expand after you coat them and ooze out the sides. Trust us on this.

Quality Candy Melts — Temperature & Consistency Are Key

Buying quality candy melts will help immensely. We use Wilton’s candy melts. Melt and only if needed add coconut oil (or other candy melt thinner) until candy is a thinner consistency.

Dip the end of each cake pop stick into the melted candy and insert it into the cake pop.  Let the pops set for a few minutes before dipping.

Make sure the melted candy isn’t too hot when you dip. If you have problems with the cake pops falling off into the candy — make sure the melts are thin, not too hot and you might have to put your cake pops back in the freezer for a while. Set the cake pops into a cake pop stand to dry.

Dip First, Then Sprinkle, And “Glue” on Details When Dry

If you are using sprinkles, then sprinkle right after dipping. However, if you are adding details then dip first, let dry, and then add the details using the melted candy as glue.

You can also drizzle the cake pops with candy melts, as shown below using a plastic bag or drizzle tool. Again, you may need to thin the candy melts with coconut oil or other candy melt thinner.

Pipe Your Own Details

Making your own shapes with the melted candy is a great way to decorate cake pops. Lay out wax paper, and pipe candy melts into different shapes. You can even print templates to put under the wax paper as a guide.

Pipe “2s” for a 2nd birthday, “50s” for an anniversary or motorcycles for your child’s birthday. “Glue” them on with melted candy. So many fun options.

Create a Fun Presentation

Your cake pops will look amazing when you add them to a fun vase or container.  Add craft foam to the bottom and arrange the cake pops by sticking them into the foam.  Use candy, tissue paper or shredded paper to cover the top and sides of the foam.

Fun tip: we’ve used paper straws in the top of a cake and placed the cake pops into the straws. A fun way to dress up any cake.

There you have it, basic tips on how to make cake pops. Have you made cake pops? Love them or hate them? Leave us a comment below.

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