If you can relate to any or all of these…

  • Your family means the world to you
  • You love hosting and planning celebrations for loved ones
  • You enjoy entertaining guests for dinner parties and game nights
  • You crave ideas on how to create a positive life and make your own happiness
  • You love beautiful invitations and prints that capture the special moments

….you’ll feel right at home at Live Party Love! And we’ re honored to have you.

Our Blog

Whether you are looking for a positive & uplifting place to hang or you’re preparing to celebrate one of life’s precious milestones, you’ll love our blog. We’re here to share ideas for everyday living as well as fun ways to celebrate life events!


Our specialty is beautifully designed, professional invitations. We are now also offering printables for parties and holidays.

How it all began

#1  Our middle sister has designed many birthday invitations and cards for our family over the years. We began to notice when family members would display them for a very long time after the event.

She has a beautiful, unique way of designing. Combine that with professional printing, and they are beautiful! Plus, she’s added a keepsake photo of our children on the back of each one of them.

#2 We love to plan family events—from bridal showers to baby showers, birthdays, and anniversary parties. In fact, we’ll plan for weeks and be up super late the night before preparing. We’re excited to share this passion with you!!

Meet Our Team

We are 3 sisters, all proud Montana working mothers. Entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic run deep in our family. Both of our parents, together, are successful business owners. Not to mention our grandparents on each side of the family had a knack for business. We are excited to bring you ideas and products we know you’ll love.


A talent for public accounting, financial planning, and business consulting. A Montana State University Alum (Go Cats!) with a Bachelor of Science in Business with an Accounting option.

She loves order and organization, having the cleanest house you will ever step into. She enjoys making delicious, healthy recipes for her family and being involved in the community.


A passion for branding & graphic design, photography, and crafting unforgettable invitations. A Montana State University Alum (Gold and Blue, through and through!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

She has a love for all things artsy and creative. And loves to photograph her family and cover her home in beautiful prints and art.  Suffers slightly from perfectionism, but now has business partners to help her keep balanced.


A knack for content creation, number crunching, and party planning. Proud graduate of the University of North Dakota [#UNDProud] with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Managerial Finance and Corporate Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration.

She has a slight addiction for all things teal, evident by her kitchen and home decor. She enjoys making + sharing delicious family recipes and traveling with her family.